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    What's the best subscription rate for OptionNetExplorer (best discounted rate) for members of Aeromir, Sheridan Mentoring, or Capital Discussions?

    Thanks! Last January before renewing my subscription I asked ONE support about a discount for Aeromir members (I wasn't sure if there was one), and got a reply from Nicholas saying "Unfortunately, it is not possible to change between affiliate promotions." In retrospect, I don't understand the...
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    How to create an Excel table containing butterfly prices

    Great tutorial, Kevin! A couple of shortcuts handy in this workflow: Ctrl+Shift+<arrow> selects all cells from the current one to the end of available data in the direction of the arrow. When you select all data to copy from an exported .scv, after clicking the top left cell (A1), just hold...
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    Best Laptop for trading

    You can use the cells with values imported from TOS as inputs to formulas in other cells. Just import the greeks for the individual options and combine them the way the combo is structured.
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    Best Laptop for trading

    Sorry, next time I won't type code samples from memory. :) I'm seeing 35.10 as bid for .SPX160715C2095 both in Excel and in TOS itself. Are you sure you are looking at the correct expiration? Another thing you can do in TOS to compare is paste the option symbol into a watchlist. It also shows...
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    Best Laptop for trading

    You use the RTD function like so (the double comma is not a typo): =RTD("tos.exe",, <data>, <symbol>) <data> is something like "BID", "ASK", "DELTA", or "IMPL_VOL". <symbol> is the security symbol. For options it has the format ".<underlying><expiry><strike><p-or-c>", for example...
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    Best Laptop for trading

    I was in the same boat a year ago. I've been a long-time happy Mac user, but needed to use Windows so that I could pull live market data from TOS into Excel to make custom analysis tools. I've been getting by with my iMac and VMWare for a while, but needed portability and so eventually bought a...