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    New forum for aviation

    Watch out, Tom, it's addicting!
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    Option Pricing Spread Sheet

    I guess the above mentioned spreadsheets don't work due to the new format inserting a "1" after month code.
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    Rick's system

    Rick, In the Last sentence of the first paragraph of your post above you mention that as IV gets lower the open days will increase. By that do you mean that as iv gets lower you will need to open the trade at a higher number of days out? Or does that mean that you will need to keep your trade...
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    Rick's system

    Rick's system: (Rick or Mark will need to correct as needed) 1. 50 days out open iron condor picking strikes which will each bring in $1.00 credit. That would be 2.00 total. When current profit reaches 50% of initial credit close out and take profits. 2. Adjust 1/3 of the position when a...
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    Rick's system

    Well said. Personally when I undertake a neutral delta spread campaign I am very interested on the historical results. I'm sure we all feel the same way. I'm wondering if there's anyway we could run some backtests?
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    Rick's system

    Can someone set out the entry and adjustment rules as far as we know them to be? Then maybe Rick can correct and amend as needed. There could be additional strategies for trading Crude oil as well. Richard
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    Major Performance Issues with ToS

    I had the exact same problem. With time it kept getting worse. Had 8 gigs of memory. Finally got someone at tos to point out how hard my processor was working. I bought a new computer at Costco with Intel I-7 processor which has revolutionized the performance. Now the processor is working about...