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    Corrupt data?

    Mark, you're looking at SPX EOD data. These quotes, definitely back in the days, used to be quite random. So this is not necessarily a ONE issue, but more likely the data that came from the exchange. The broader ramification is that you may want to re-consider backtesting based on EOD data...
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    thinkorswim crashes on Windows 7?

    Ever since Sunday 6/14, thinkorswim Desktop app keeps crashing on me. Happens on two PCs, both with Windows 7 (home premium, 64-bit). On Monday and Tuesday, I spent over 4 hours on the phone waiting for TOS specialists. It was an *awesome* use of my time as both specialists blamed my PCs rather...
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    Has anyone...?

    Thanks Marcas, you answered my question...
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    Has anyone...?

    Hi there, Has anyone reviewed Stratagem's "CRASH READY: How to Survive a Market Crash" and can attest what kind of substantial and specific content it includes, if at all? Thanks! Shin
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