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    THE BIG BUBBLE (in details)

    Have a look ........never before on this scale...we'll see how is going to play out!
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    The Infinite Monkey Theorem and Mathematics

    The Infinite Monkey Theorem and Mathematics The infinite monkey theorem is a mathematical thought experiment. The premise is that infinite monkeys with typewriters will, eventually, type the complete works of Shakespeare. Some versions involve infinite monkeys or a single work. Mathematicians...
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    Great song from Italy just for moments like those that the world is experiencing.

    The care I will protect you from the hypochondria fears from the worries that you'll encounter during your life from the injustice and the deceit of your times, from the failures that you will cause by your nature. I will relieve you of the pains and of your mood swings of the obsessions of...
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    World Health Organization Link
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    IT LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE USING THE 02 of Mar values. All the risk positonn are showing higher values at today's date if you back date to the second they are in line with market.Not sure regarding the Greeks // Is only me or is a bug??
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    A 10 min video Correlation & Causality will make you think about most of TA validity(if any?!?) Enjoy
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    A short and good video introduction of the B&S Formula

    A 10 minutes video every option trader should watch. The force be with you...
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    Meeting 15 JAN "Orderflow"Log in not working?

    I wasn't able to join the Meeting...Is just me or was a general problem?
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    Interesting study on Tail risk and hedge.....(link)

    Buying puts options to hedge equity tail risk can be ineffective and expensive ! Here a good read (see link) to a study from Derek Devens: .....So how do you hedge your tail risk? 1)create options combinations with positive theta...
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    A video you should watch about Options Pricing.

    know your enemy and yourself ...And if you have time during the holidays season here you'll find a interesting documentary....
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    TDEX Yesterday Spike above 1SD Range yearly average...

    This is a very good indication of Tail risk (more than 3SD).Also in the same family SDEX (Skew Index),is moving Higher .
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    Very interesting site for Options Traders

    Spotgamma uses a similar model used by Nomura and other banks ...have a look.