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    Can the green dots on the price chart be turned off?

    I thought I looked in settings and did not see a toggle for those green dots, which appear wherever a trade occurs. Does anyone know a way to turn those off? Thanks!
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    How to look at greeks for day steps?

    Hi all, If I'm looking at the risk graph, how do I see greeks and PnL displayed in the table below for a particular day step? In OV I used to click on the desired curve but nothing happens in ONE when I click on the different curves. There is a field for "Projection" but isn't that just...
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    Best way to monitor multiple trades?

    If I have several trades on at once, what is the best way to monitor them in ONE moving from one time to another historically? I used to have OV and there, to each trade I would assign a different R-code. I could then enter R-codes while looking at matrix and the corresponding position...
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    Corrupt data?

    I've started backtesting in 2007 with ONE and I have issues with the data. Please take a look at the "Capture" screenshot. This is roughly 1% ITM/week compounded geometrically and there's no extrinsic value showing. In fact, there are is a range of strikes there with no extrinsic value...
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    Stable or BETA?

    Hi all! I'm just starting with ONE and I downloaded the BETA. The videos appear to be the stable version, though... not everything looks the same. Should I stock with BETA or go back and install stable? Has anyone had any issues with the former? Thanks!
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    Can a long put falter?

    I recently read a trader say he exited positions in fall 2008 because he was worried his long puts might falter. He said puts aren't insured and are only as good as the market maker. Any truth to this? In my mind, the whole enterprise of option trading is built on buying to get rights and...
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    RTD with LibreOffice?

    Does anyone know if I can get real-time data in my LibreOffice Calc? I think LibreOffice used to be known as OpenOffice and I used to have a spreadsheet (courtesy Dan Harvey) that used to get real-time quotes via DDE. I'm not sure about LibreOffice or RTD, though, and I'm not seeing anything...
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    tos.rtd spreadsheet

    Hi all, I haven't done this in a while but I'm trying to make a tos.rtd spreadsheet for my positions. I have TOS open and I'm inputting proper formulae in the spreadsheet. At some point, though, it seems the connection freezes (?) because I start getting #VALUE! in the rtd cells. If I close...
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    Is anyone else dubious about the claims that Reddit (Wall Street Bets) is responsible for the stock's move? Retail traders aren't usually given a lot of potential to move stocks around compared to the big boys. I'd be more likely to believe it if institutional ownership of GME is low or if the...
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    Futures returns

    Hi all and Happy Holidays! I'm trying to build a futures backtester and I want to brainstorm a bit about calculating returns. I haven't traded futures yet, but I'm trying to give myself reason to. I want this backtester to compare portfolios of stock only with stock and other futures. I'm...
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    eDeltaPro feedback

    Does anyone here have experience using eDeltaPro?
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