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    schwalbe another winner now 21 closed trade, 20 winners, 19 in a row

    next monday i will run the next Schwalbe trade. New subscription price starts in October, NOT for existing members, they will be grandfathered. Trade Sept 3F will expire in 2 days, no loss possible since 14 days.
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    Schwalbe new subscription fee Oct 2021

    there will be an new subscription fee for NEW members, starting Oct 2021. Existing members will be grandfathered, so no change for them. The new price is $ 333 per quarter.
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    Schwalbe Sept 3f completely save now.

    Last limits got executed just some minutes before, 2 weeks before expiration no more loss possible in this trade.
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    new Schwalbe trade on tuesday, meeting is still monday.

    i will start another Schwalbe on tuesday. Meeting is still on monday. Last trade closed with a profit of $ 862 per Tranche. 20 Trades since Sept19, 19 winners.
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    Schwalbe 20 trades 19 winners now

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    new Schwalbe trade today

    new Schwalbe trade today end of day
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    Schwalbe august3F already safe

    Schwalbe expiration 3rd friday is already safe, will be the 17th winner in a row, 19 closed trades so far, 18 winners. August End of month is only 2 steps away from being safe, will be then the 18th winner in a row, 95 % winners of all my live trades. nice going.
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    Schwalbe account doubled

    since Nov 16th 2010 i trade my Schwalbe on my own account, before it was on another account. My Schwalbe is more than 95 % of my investing. Now it happened ! Today i crossed the line of doubling my account, incl open positions. Sometimes i took a slightly higher risk, means more tranches than...
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    New trade on monday, Schwalbe 16. winner in a row in the pocket

    SPX Schwalbe July EoM expired, $ 1012 profit, planned capital 4 k so 25 % in 3 months. Aug 3F is 2 steps away from being completely safe, will be the 17th winner in a row. Next Schwalbe starts on monday.
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    Schwalbe 16 winners in a row, 17 of 18 trades are winners

    Schwalbe End of July is safe now one week before expiration, again a nice profit of about 25 % in 3 months.
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    Schwalbe now 15 trades since March 20 without a loss

    the next Schwalbe will expire Friday next week but is already completely safe. This is th 15th trade in a row without a loss and even the 16th trade end of month is only 2 steps away from being completely safe. Since the new version (12 trades) i have an average of 25 % profit per trade in 3 months.
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    Cboe to Extend Global Trading Hours for VIX and SPX Options to Nearly 24 Hours, Beginning November 21, 2021
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    Schwalbe average daily performance for the new version since Nov 2020

    Since Dec 2020 i trade the new version (reduced risk), 2 trades per month. 8 trades closed so far. i traded Eminis and the average per day is $ 5,92 per tranche. 6 trades are running at the same time. 6 * 5,92 = $ 35,52 per day, if only one tranche is running per expiration 4 tranches in emini...
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    Schwalbe trade for RegT-Accounts with no higher margin

    now a version is available for RegT accounts without higher margin when using back ratios.
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    new Schwalbe trade today

    a new Schwalbe trade starts today. as Tom said: the best performing trade alert service at Aeromir and nearly 50% of the time requires no adjusting. profit so far from Jan 2021: 8.93 10.22 7.67 8.36 8.81 %. = 43.99 % in 5 months All live trades, no Demo , no simulation i show all my trades...
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    Your option strategy will have higher Margin when SPX is minus 5 % ?

    SPX is down 5 %. Some strategies with fat tail risk may have some problems but minimum will have a higher margin now. My Schwalbe Trade has exactly the same margin, although my account is down from alltime high for more than 10 %. I made some screenshots during the way down. permanent risk...
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    Protection strategy for my Schwalbetrades Study Feb 2020

    for my 6 Schwalbe trades running at the same time i added a protection strategy using verticals and backratios. This is a study on the big drop in Feb 2020, made with Option net explorer, commissions included. My system has now 3 protection tools: Schwalbe-alerts and adding verticals and...
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    Black Friday Deal

    i offer a black friday deal: Membership $199 until 3rd Friday of March AND a new trade specially for this deal, starting on Monday, DTE 88 days until End of Feb. You get a membership for 4 trades instead of normally 3, starting on monday. the current Sept-Dec trade will soon reduce risk by 66 %...
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    monthly live trade since Sept 20

    this are the entries (green) of the new monthly trades, less planned capital, profit target in 3 months for the newest trade, if no adjustments were made: $ 755, planned capital for RegT-Margin: 2k, planned capital for SPAN Margin: about 1.300 max possible lowest point ever during the trade...
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