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  1. tom

    Relax David. It's just a small surgery

  2. tom

    Update Schwalbe trade

    The direct link is The special price Igi is offering is one payment until 21 March 2020. Members get access to the current and next trades, plus the Triple Tool trade. Subscriptions start in March.
  3. tom

    Mini pot Experience

    Sorry about that Tim. I've been swamped with stuff. I'll get that posted in a few minutes.
  4. tom

    Mini pot Experience

    Hi Alex. No.. I stopped receiving emails. Stratagem Trade said I opted out but I'm 100% sure I never did. Glenda re-instated my access but I got seriously behind as I was traveling during this time. I'm just now clearing out my backlogged emails. I intend to get everything updated but it's going...
  5. tom

    Sep 19 Class Session - Futures

    I've done loads of futures options trades in retirement accounts at IB. I don't remember the margin being higher than the max defined risk (essentially Reg-T).
  6. tom

    Sep 19 Class Session - Futures

    It will definitely hedge your Deltas but you'll have the cover the margin for both underlyings I suspect.
  7. tom

    Member login

    I found the problem. Should be working now.
  8. tom

    Member login

    It is working for me. Let me try logging in with your login in an incognito window.
  9. tom

    XPS Class

    Hi Prescott. You should have access. Tom
  10. tom

    Google Chrome Vulnerability Patched Chrome 78.0.3904.87 is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The release will slowly roll out to all Chrome users in the coming weeks but users can trigger a manual update right now by...
  11. tom

    23 October 2019 Account Summary

    $10,000 of cash was added to the account, making the effective starting capital $37,000. Profit in the account is at +$8,778.26 since Sep 16, 2019
  12. tom

    23 Oct 2019 XPS Fills

    6B SLD @ 1.2941 BOT @ 1.2938 +3 pips profit 6E SLD @ 1.11755 BOT @ 1.11710 +4.5 pips profit These futures were used to neutralize the positions when XPC showed weakness but not a full reversal. XPC has resumed upward bias in both 6B and 6E.
  13. tom

    22 Oct 2019 XPS Fills

  14. tom

    Schwalbe Trade

    I checked your record and fixed a small problem. Please login again and make sure you see the Schwalbe trade alerts. I extended your billing cycle two weeks.
  15. tom

    Schwab is eliminating commissions

    Interactive Brokers did this recently too. I suspect Schwab had to react to IB doing it.
  16. tom

    What's the best subscription rate for OptionNetExplorer (best discounted rate) for members of Aeromir, Sheridan Mentoring, or Capital Discussions?

    Send Andy's team an email and request the discounted rate. I can ask Andy if you like.
  17. tom

    Mini pot Experience

    I'm not sure. I get emails when the Thinkorswim help desk logs into Scott's account and I see activity almost every day. It looks like they are looking at it.
  18. tom

    Getting more spammer registrations

    I have the registrations set to manually approve. 95% of them are spammers. I normally get a few per week but had four yesterday. We're getting more popular lol. I'm considering turning off the forum registration and making new people get free membership accounts. I manually create the forum...
  19. tom

    Mini pot Experience

    Scott and I tried to get the real time fill notifications working but it emails were never sent from Thinkorswim. Scott went up the chain at TOS but it still didn't fix whatever problem is causing the lack of fill notification emails from going out. It is a Thinkorswim issue. I think the...