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  1. tom

    Member's site width increased

    The main member's site width has been 960 pixels for a long time. I thought it was time to increase the width a bit to 1100 pixels. The extra 140 pixels width will give me more space to add content. I thought you'd like to know.
  2. tom

    Bootstrap CSS

    I added Bootstrap CSS to the member's site earlier today. It has a few conflicts with the old CSS the site was built with that I am slowly ironing out. You may see a few font size changes while I fix these small issues. Bootstrap will make it easier to add nice looking buttons, alert messages...
  3. tom

    Triple Tool Trade Promo Link?

    The promotion link is
  4. tom

    Trading others people money

    I know the advisor accounts can do invoicing at IB and the fees are not considered a distribution; however, I think IB will only let you do invoicing if you are licensed.
  5. tom

    Trading others people money

    Because I'm a U.S. citizen, I'm taxed on my world wide income regardless of where I live so I'm paying U.S. income tax. Any fees collected are ordinary income for a service provided. Because I live outside of the U.S., I do have the $100k foreign earned income credit so I don't pay federal...
  6. tom

    Trading others people money

    I solve that problem by having my account being linked to the advisor account I'm trading. I like to use SPY/ES to flatten deltas and buy some time. I try to keep most of the accounts with similar positions so the adjustments can be made in larger trades with IB distributing them to each account...
  7. tom

    Trading others people money

    At IB, the advisor account is just linked to the client account. The client always has access to their funds. The advisor can give the client trading permissions but like Steve said, that can get ugly. Since you're just trading the client's capital, the client is responsible for any taxes. Of...
  8. tom

    Trading others people money

    Hi Marcas, I started trading a friend's account about two years ago. He created a user for me at Interactive Brokers and I logged in and traded for him. I knew him and how he wanted to treat the capital. You need to talk to whoever's account you're trading and find out what they expect and what...
  9. tom

    How to create an Excel table containing butterfly prices

    I'm slowing migrating threads that I want to keep. This was just the first. It's a tedious process.
  10. tom

    Glossary's are coming

    I created the ability to have multiple glossaries. I've already populated the Road Trip Trade Glossary ( ). Charles Cottle was kind enough to give me the glossary from his book. I'll be adding those terms and definitions soon. Each trade alert expert can...
  11. tom

    Market Conditions

    I added a "Market Conditions" widget on the member's home page. We are experimenting with different weightings and thresholds. The two most heavily weighted items on this list are the percent contango and the SPX 200 day moving average. NOTES: - The VXX uses a threshold above the 5-day...
  12. tom

    UK Options Group

    I enjoyed it. Thanks for the invitation :)
  13. tom

    Have you let a boxed trade go in to expiration at TDA?

    Everything should cancel out. You shouldn't have to do anything. Just let it expire. There may be exercise fees for ITM options might need to check that.
  14. tom

    Defending Downside Move on a RTT With Risk Reversals Already Layered In

    Scott Rubel explained the history of the risk reversal in his book. Apparently the floor traders used the convention of a long risk reversal being a bearish position. Scott uses the terms "bearish risk reversal" and "bullish risk reversal" to avoid confusion but he also uses the terms long and...
  15. tom

    New User Registrations now require approval

    Due to an influx of spammers, I switched the user registration process to require approval. This should greatly reduce the number of spam posts. I just rejected a new user so it's working already :D
  16. tom

    Defending Downside Move on a RTT With Risk Reversals Already Layered In

    A long risk reversal is a bearish strategy. A short risk reversal is bullish. You certainly could just add the long call spreads; however, if the market sits or goes the down, the call spreads will lose their full value. If you do a risk reversal, you have a "dead zone" (In Scott Rubel's words)...
  17. tom

    Missing videos in the library

    Ali had a family emergency and had to postpone. I didn't see a recording for TG7 so either the meeting was canceled or Himanshu didn't hit the record button.
  18. tom

    Defending Downside Move on a RTT With Risk Reversals Already Layered In

    Hi Jason! I primarily look at the spot price in relationship to the expiration tent and the shape of the 15 DTE line. I don't want the position to get too far underwater if it starts moving against me. I'll take a little heat as Joe Ross says but I'll reverse the long bias if it looks like the...
  19. tom

    Defending Downside Move on a RTT With Risk Reversals Already Layered In

    My market bias is currently bullish but if the market breaks down, I will switch from a short risk reversal to a long risk reversal, which would change the position bias to bearish. Any RR starts as a directional trade.
  20. tom

    Member Home error

    I think the culprits are probably characters that are special in the URL re-writing like . / @ etc. I'll add a note to the change password screen.