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  1. tom

    All Meetings Now Have Have Passwords

    Aeromir uses for online meetings and webinars. Recently, people on the internet have been "Zoombombing" zoom meetings and disrupting meetings. (See more about Zoombombing here) Fortunately we haven't seen this at Aeromir but Zoom is making a big change to address this...
  2. tom

    The Car Trade

    Sharing it for now.... John and Seth like to sell expensive courses so it wouldn’t surprise me to see something for sale in the future.
  3. tom

    The Car Trade

    I watched The Car Trade from Dave Heinzen from a few days ago on John Locke's YouTube channel. Here are some screen shots from the video To me, it seems like a Parking Trade with a few variations and slightly different trade management.
  4. tom

    Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports

    Google has an interesting mobility report to show the impact of social distancing:
  5. tom

    In-Depth Report of How To Fight COVID-19

    Leslie Fourton sent this to me. Leslie runs the technical analysis trading group normally on Saturday morning Lin lab COVID presentation 2020-03-16.pdf Thanks Leslie!
  6. tom

    A good article about the Coronavirus

    Sure.. I'll ask him for the reference. He's a professor too and hopefully has it from a good source.
  7. tom

    A good article about the Coronavirus

    A friend sent this to me this evening and I thiught it was pretty interesting. Enjoy! A good read from an immunologist at Johns Hopkins University. If you are feeling confused as to why Coronavirus is a bigger deal than Seasonal flu? Here it is in a nutshell. I hope this helps. Feel free to...
  8. tom

    Some practical advice re Coronavirus

    Ray sent this to me. As he said, "Nice site."
  9. tom

    Economic Events Bug Fix

    The Econoday economic events on the home page had a linking problem. The links that I copied from the Econoday calendar were redirect links that always redirected to the Econoday home page. I've figured out how to build the correct links so when you click on a report, it opens the page for that...
  10. tom

    Backing up your files

    With many of us under a shelter-in-place order, I thought I should mention a program I've been using to backup files for many years: Syncovery I use this on my servers to make regular backups to Amazon S3 of database files, web files etc etc. You can use this on your home computers (PC and...
  11. tom

    Risk Alert: Jobless Claims on Thursday

    U.S. jobless claims numbers report is tomorrow morning at 8:30 am Eastern, one hour before the U.S. markets open. Consider this a volatility event. "Uncertainty is high, and so is the range of estimates for Thursday’s report is unusually wide. Economists at Citi estimate claims will explode...
  12. tom

    What are some of your favorite Technical Analysis tools and techniques?

    I've been using Mike Valtos's tools. Pretty interesting.
  13. tom

    Settlement Data updated

    This is just the CBOE settlement prices but yes, this is a huge drop and likely bigger than 2008 from the peak to the swing low, wher ever that might be.
  14. tom

    CMLViz Trademachine Pro Update

    Ophir, from CMLViz Trademachine, sent an update about some exciting new features available in Trademachine. One very interesting sounding model is the new "Bear Turn" model. I will post the link to the webinar registration when he sends it out. Get a lifetime 35% discount at...
  15. tom

    Settlement Data updated

    I just updated the Settlement Data for the March expiration. Here's the data for the previous 12-months and a comparison to 2008. Oct 2008 barely beat Mar 2020 in percentage terms: Oct 2008 -27.87% March 2020 -27.38%
  16. tom

    Recordings are delayed

    Trading Group 1 has been processed. Still waiting on two more files.
  17. tom

    Recordings are delayed

    UPDATE: Zoom processed the Trading Group 7 recording, which is now in the library. I'm still waiting on the other three recordings to finish processing.
  18. tom

    U.S. Taxes Extended 90-Days

    I had this email from my accounting firm today and thought you'd like to know about it. From WCG Inc ( There are two penalties; failure to file and failure to pay. As we read it... and without further guidance... the relief from the IRS is only an extension to pay income...
  19. tom

    Recordings are delayed

    I noticed that Zoom hasn't completed processing of the recordings...even yesterday's Schwalbe meeting: I started a live chat with their support was was number 293 in the queue. I figured there must be a status page somewhere and there is: On that page it says this...
  20. tom

    Possible Market Closure

    I just got an email from Maverick Trading about possible market closures. I thought it was important for you to know about this: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Traders, We are living in unprecedented uncertainty with the Coronavirus...