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I've been doing a lot of 0 DTE trades since about September and I thought it was time to add a discussion forum dedicated to it.

There are quite a few different resources out there to trade 0DTE options trades. Here are a few interesting ones:
  • SPX 0DTE Trade Alerts Tom Nunamaker
    I did have to start with the service I'm running with Tom Henley. Dan Harvey is also trading intraday futures and some options trades and co-hosts the weekly review meetings. We started with vertical spreads but I've been branching into Butterflies recently and getting good results.

    I recently combined the Boxcar and SPX 0 DTE trade alerts into one service so subscribing to one gets access to both.

  • 0-dte.com Ernie Varitimos.
    Ernie has been running his site for roughly three years. He likes very high reward to risk ratio out-of-the-money butterflies

  • Axe Options Arianne Gomez
    Popular YouTube channel about SPX 0 DTE trading primarily vertical spreads but also trades broken wing butterflies (BWB).

  • Multiple Entry Iron Condor - Discord group. Requires an invitation from an existing member I believe

  • MicrosTrader.com George Dean
    Excellent directional futures trader. George is primarily a touch-bounce type of trader. His methods work on all time frames and symbols. Highly recommended to help you gain a better understanding of what direction the market may be heading.

  • Magic 8-Ball Bryan C
    AI predicition engine uses primarily volume node analysis and an assortment of other tools. Bryan predicts the closing price every 5-minutes. I use it as an indicator and is an input with my general direction estimate.

  • StratagemTrade.com Scot Ruble
    Scot has a really interesting day trading class using options in 2022. I plan to incorporate some of Scot's ideas into my trades. Scot will likely offer his day trading class again in 2023 but I don't know that for sure yet. Scot was a floor trader and is very quick to take risk off the table.
Honestly, there's a lot of people trading 0 DTE and many ways in which they do it. This is just a starting point.

Are you trading 0 DTE trades?
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For those interested in futures daytrading, here something else that may be of interest. Can also be applied to the SPX cash index. Don't let the videos put you off, the information is real & gives an insight into how the algos work.
parts 1 to 3 to understand the strategy, then you can watch the backtesting ones to see how to apply it.
If any of you follow ICT videos, he does kinda of validate what the guy has been raving on for years


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I don't really know what is involved in discretionary trading. I have the impression it requires a considerable amount of trading experience. Is that right?


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I had forgotten about this site, which provides an open source TOS market mood indicator for use in 0DTE trading. This came out of the various facebook groups where people like David Sun, Tammy Chambliss, April Hamm and others first started using the 0DTE.

Seems like an interesting indicator. Note that the site also has a link to trading plans, including the Jim Olsen trade.

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