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Night Owl

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With the attainment of Profit Target C at 1.13890 following the elected Night Owl™ short Dec 6E entry at 1.14320, the short 6E price array posted by me for this 11/23/2018 session no longer is active. Night Owl™ will take no more entries from that array during this session.

Night Owl™ traders should cancel any working orders in Dec 6E and remain flat until my next posting, unless you're trailing your open position with a trailing stop order. Target D was at 1.13720; Target E was at 1.13560; Target F is at 1.13380; Target G is at 1.13220.

Congratulations to all who have traded profitably the Night Owl™ short side price array in Dec 6E during this 11/23/2018 session!

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Mark Ansel
Night Owl™ Developer