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To further illustrate the Night Owl™ concept of Dynamic Targeting, as I discussed extensively in the September 9 Round Table discussion at Aeromir, the following explains how Dynamic Targeting works by using the Wednesday evening recommended Euro Currency post. Please note that by Night Owl™ rule, Delivery Price always occurs at faded Target C:


With the attainment of faded Delivery Profit Target C at 1.16560 following the elected Night Owl™ faded short Dec 6E Price Array line at 1.16970, the short 6E Price Array posted by me for this 9/24/2020 session no longer is active. Night Owl™ will take no more limit entries from that array during this defensive session.

A “defensive session” is one in which market elects many lines from the Night Owl™ Price Array before attaining its first Delivery Target C. That is, in a defensive session, Dynamic Targeting moves our targeted exit price several times to keep our exit price from becoming too far away, in case we’re on the wrong side of the market. Hence, the term “defensive session”.

That is what has happened today – our dynamically adjusted target exit price elected at 1.16560, but our original exit price at 1.16380 has not, so far. Thus, we have avoided the possibility of stop-out loss for our @ Line election and realized a more modest, but still decent profit otherwise.

Faded @ Line election – 1.16800 at 18:01 -> targeted exit price at 1.16380 faded Target C;

Faded secondary line election – 1.16850 at 20:15 -> targeted exit price at 1.16450 faded Target C;

Faded secondary line election – 1.16920 at 20:42 -> targeted exit price at 1.16510 faded Target C;

Faded secondary line election – 1.16970 at 21:25 -> targeted exit price at 1.16560 faded Target C;

Faded profit target attainment – 1.16560 at 5:33.

Also consider taking an entry at the stop-loss line or the line in front of the stop-loss line. Doing so will improve your average entry price and increase your reward-to-risk ratio in defensive sessions. I strongly advised doing this in the September 9 Aeromir Round Table discussion.

Night Owl™ traders should cancel any working array line limit orders in Dec 6E, E7, and M6E and remain flat until my next posting, unless you're trailing your open position with a trailing stop order.

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