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Night Owl™

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To further illustrate the Night Owl™ concept of Dynamic Targeting, as I discussed extensively in the September 9 Round Table discussion at Aeromir, the following explains how Dynamic Targeting works by using the Sunday evening recommended Crude Oil post. Please note that by Night Owl™ rule, Delivery Price always occurs at faded Target C:


With the attainment of faded Delivery Profit Target C at 40.650 following the elected Night Owl™ faded short Nov QM Price Array line at 41.375, the short CL/QM Price Array posted by me for this 9/21/2020 session no longer is active. Night Owl™ will take no more limit entries from that array during this session.

~ Line election on a stop – 40.900 at 18:04 -> targeted exit price at 40.475 faded Target C (best faded line to have elected at the time of ~ election was 41.150 -> targeted exit price at 40.475 faded Target C);

Faded @ Line election – 41.275 at 21:24 -> targeted exit price at 40.550 faded Target C;

Faded secondary line election – 41.375 at 21:45 -> targeted exit price at 40.650 faded Target C;

Faded profit target attainment – 40.650 at 3:22.

Note: If you traded Nov QM, your delivery exit occurred at 40.775 faded Target C at 3:01 following faded secondary Price Array line election at 41.500 at 22:31.

Night Owl™ exited Nov CL at 40.75 at 3:17.

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For Markusha Oil & Trading Company, LLC

Mark Ansel
Developer of the Night Owl™ Trading Model

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