7 Oct 2020 GBP futures trade was +1.2% in 46-minutes


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Today's trade netted +17 pips, which was +1.2% on each $25,000 unit traded.

Here are the trade messages:


I took this screen image when I opened the trade:


The thin blue line (CTF line) had crossed the neural candles which is compulsory. The blue dotted line in the FLT section had turned higher and the candles in the lower section were also heading higher.

I looked on the 3-minute charts for a Trader's Trick Entry and saw an opportunity to go long at 1.2870, which was filled a few minutes after I put the order in.

12-minutes after I was filled, I set a profit target of 1.2887, which was +17 pips above the entry price.

29-minutes in the trade I set a protective stop to close the position with a few pips of profit if the market reversed on us. This was never filled.

11-minutes after the protective stop was set, the profit target order was filled. I canceled the remaining working order and called it a day.

+17 pips which is 3 contracts x 17 x $6.25/pip = $318.75 - $17.07 commissions (at IB) = $301.68 profit on a $25,000 unit was +1.207% profit today.

The end-of-day version of ExperSignal is coming soon. Probably starting next week after Daniel gets back from his vacation (Friday).

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