A long only portfolio making new highs in a Recession?


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Who says you need to short the market to make money in bear markets. A data-driven macro adapting portfolio is all we need! #AWAKE
I use it in nontaxable accounts. Assuming a full tax load of 35% you can just take that off the average return... ~54%, 54*.65=35.1% Net return after taxes. If I was using it in a taxable I would use futures or options on the indexes to reduce the tax load. 1256 contracts for the win. Also, you can use options to offset the delta of a long exposure for every asset to never sell the underlying asset and avoid capital gains. Granted the options will still have capital gains but at least the underlying will not. It is more complicated but can be done.

This is not advise!!!!!!! Talk to a CPA that specializes in trading.
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