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I have been a user of ONE for about 2-3 years and use it mainly to simply track and have open P&L diagrams on 20-30 open trades mainly in RUT and SPX. I generally launch a trade like a 30-45 day out BWB and then make adjustments as the trade progresses and I like that it keeps track of my closed and open P&L and shows me a P&L diagram of the whole of the trade from it's inception.

I have run ONE on a MacBook with an i9 intel processor and running parallels and it has done fine. That said, I just bought a new M1 MacBook and installed Parallels on it, but it seems ONE is not installing and the team at ONE basically says I am trying to install it in an unsupported environment - so I am on my own.

While I like ONE for what it does, I have felt for years that there should be some similar type of program out there that would be cloud based and platform agnostic at this point, but have not found it - does anyone have any ideas? I have looked at OptionVue, but it also seems very "dated". Wingman did not seem to have the P&L Diagram aspects that I like so much in ONE and OptionStat looks GREAT on the surface, but it stops short of actually doing any trade tracking or adjustments of trades - so ANY thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Finally - if there are any techies out there that might have a workaround for installing ONE on Parallels on an ARM based chipset, here is a brief 1 min video that shows my install attempts and corresponding error messages:


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OptionVue hasn't had any updates for about six months. They are re-writing it from the ground up so it will likely be 2022 or so before the new OptionVue is ready. I sent Brian (the owner of OptionVue) a message and still waiting for a reply.

Bruno Voisin started a similar project but the lead developer bailed so the project died. It's not a simple undertaking.

I think Amy Meissner runs ONE on a Mac. I'll ask her if there are any gotchas she knows about.


I've been attempting to do exactly this but in a spreadsheet. Really all I want is the expiry graphs and T+0 or T+whatever lines. I have a good start on it. The expiry lines are easy. The T+0 line requires quite a bit more rigor but I have that modeled too. I've been doing this at my leisure so I haven't progressed to the point where I can plot my multiple positions with all the trades rolled up into individual plots. Getting there..... for now, I just use the Analyze graph in TOS and save my trades for easy call up.

Steve G

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Tom -
Thank you so much, and the issue isn’t simply running on a Mac, as I am currently running it on a Mac, but it is a Mac with the Intel chips. The new Macintoshes have exclusive Apple chips that are much faster and much more efficient, and while most software seems to run fine, for some reason I cannot get ONE to install.

Dave -
I might actually just go to tracking my trades in TOS the way John Locke explains in his Youtube video here - may be something for you to check out as well:

This person also used the same basic approach:

Thanks again


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Wingman did not seem to have the P&L Diagram aspects that I like so much
I came across Trademetria recently after Dan showed the TraderSync
It has a nice p/l tracking graph and you can import trades in .csv format but that is just for p/l not for risk graph
For just tracking the p/l you could do a spreadsheet which is what I did

For risk graph (T+0 line) there are limited choices TOS, ONE, OV or something you make yourself
For tracking the T+0 line I use TOS but I don't export and import trades I just turn off and turn on the trades applicable to each brokerage and also take a screenshot at EOD but I don't have many adjustments
Of course if you have a lot of adjustments at many different brokerages than you probably want to export the trade and import them in one at a time


Yes I do use the analyze tab in the same fashion as well which is why my spreadsheet work is not a priority. My spreadsheet is more fun and tinkering.
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