Anyone Familiar with Tradovate Futures Broker?


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I've just started trading micro futures using my TastyWorks account, but their interface is a bit clunky and is lacking in closing order options. Also their margin requirements are high when you get to mini contracts. I also have a TOS account, but trade commissions are high there, as well as also requiring high margins.

I'm looking to day trade a few index micro contracts, maybe working up to one or two mini's, and some currencies. As I mentioned, I do use TOS for options, so I have their charting to use. I use price action to trade and don't use a lot of indicators.

I've seen recommendations online for Tradovate and from what I've seen on their website it sounds like they might serve my needs, but wanted to check if anyone else has experience with them? There are a bunch of futures brokers out there, I'm just trying to find a fit for a smaller trader.

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