Backing up your files


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With many of us under a shelter-in-place order, I thought I should mention a program I've been using to backup files for many years:


I use this on my servers to make regular backups to Amazon S3 of database files, web files etc etc.

You can use this on your home computers (PC and Mac, and Linux) to run in the background and backup files whenever you like. Syncovery compares the source and destination folders and can do a sync to only copy changed files. It works VERY well. I use a service on the servers so I don't have to be logged in for it to work 24/7.

You can store files in a large selection of cloud destinations:


I use Amazon S3 to store files in the cloud. It's very inexpensive and highly reliable.

Normally people don't get "backup religion" until critical data has been lost forever.

I hope you setup some backup solution in case of disaster with your computers. It is good peace of mind.