Britain's IG to buy tastytrade for $1 billion


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Martin O'Shield alerted me that TastyTrade is being purchased. Here's an article I found about it:

Tastytrade’s senior leadership will stay on after the takeover, which the companies expect to close in the first quarter of the next financial year.

“While our long-term goal has always been to go global, we waited almost 10 years until we found the right partner and perfect match,” Co-CEO of tastytrade Tom Sosnoff said.


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I wonder if they are planing to do any changes to the fee structure to better compete with the other discount brokers So far Tastyworks has one of the highest fees for trading SPX

From what I have read IG seems to have mostly futures and currencies so I guess it's easier just to buy the company rather than to try to develop a stock and option trading platform
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