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On capital discussions I remember that the "Options" section of the forum was made hidden because of some spamming that went on. After migrating over to aeromir I don't see the Options section of the forum here, and very little activity on any of the other forum threads. Is the options section still hidden on aeromir for new users?




The options folder has not been created yet so it's not hidden it just doesn't exist
I assume it wasn't created yet because there is not many discussing options here but I am sure Tom can create one if the demand is there
So you are not missing out on any discussions the only one that you have to log in to see it is the RTT forum
I think a lot of the discussions have moved to slack so you could sign up for that if you are interested in options discussions


All for active option chat. I might be using it incorrectly, but Slack (strange name) seems dead, long live Skype :)

Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy & prosperous trading 2019


I just checked it today and Slack is still active with the latest post today and only in the optionstrading tab

I am using the CD user name and password to sign in I could not get in with aeromir but as long as it's working with CD credentials I see no reason to switch