Capitioning Available for Zoom Meetings


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Free captions are available with Zoom meetings. I haven't found a way to automatically start the captioning but it's easy for anyone in the meeting to start:

Go to the Zoom Meeting manager and click on the "Show Captions" Icon:


The make sure the language is set to English, which it is by default, and then click "Save"


This enables the captioning and it will be saved with the recording of the meeting! I'm adding these caption files to the downloadable files for each meeting if they exist. The captioning files are a .VTT file extension and are plain text files.

The only way to get these files is if anyone in the meeting turns on captioning.

I suggest that all hosts turn on captioning when they start recording a meeting. Meeting participants can also turn on captioning. As long as anyone turns them on, the recording files will include the caption file that I'll add to the recording files in the library for that meeting.

Thanks in advance for your help in getting these useful files generated!
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