Does The SWP Use Options?


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The SWP is designed with the average retirement account in mind. Both strategies only use long ETF positions and can be executed in a few minutes for most account sizes. There are some advanced members that choose to use options rather than ETFs but that is not required. All results are from 1x Leveraged ETF postions. Many are outperforming with leveraged ETFs... 3x SWP is up ~+80%.

Another question I frequently get is about hedging or put protection. To keep things simple and efficient the strategies use dynamic allocation sizing to achieve "hedging". You can always see how the portfolio is doing vs other typical portfolios and even the S&P 500 (SPY)... HERE

The goal for the SWP/AWAKE was to help traders/investors to grow capital in all market environmnets, including the high inflation low returning one right now. We have been proving that it is not anly possible to beat traditional and risk parity portfolios but also the stock market as well, all with less downside. Goals are meant to be crystalized!

Its been great recieving all these questions I wll continue to post them here if I get repeating ones. May you all trade well and your asset grow!

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