Does TOS have ability to observe BID/ASK on multi-leg option orders, similar to capability of IBK?


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I placed an order in TOS, that I can observe from IBK as seen below from a friend with IBK (The BID is 0.00 with size 1: That is me, from an order placed in TOS).


I would like access to equivalent information from TOS. Anyone know how?



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I believe that is in the Order Book.
Thanks Andrew! Did not know that (or forgot).
Found it in the "Scan->Spread Book" after refining the selection to permit it to display.

It seems a better choice for this info would be when one is working an order, rather than hidden away like that. -- However, this is limited to the subset of orders within TDA!
It would be nicer to be able to see all orders.
I also submitted a request to TDA about it, so, perhaps more info will be forthcoming.