ExperSignal update: News and results using the updated intraday software


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Daniel has been coding a lot this month releasing and updating the intraday version of ExperCharts (the M10 version). On the 16th I received an updated version that has been rock solid stable. I was able to start recording extended time periods without the software crashing (it was ALPHA software after all). After increasing the playback 25x (with VLC media player), I got a much better understanding of how the software behaves around turning points.

The key points are:
  • The CTF (thin blue line) needs to form a bottom for a long entry or a top for a short entry
  • The CTF line should cross the neural candles
These are two compulsory events for a signal.

I had been waiting for more confirmation but that was delaying the entries too long

You can see the CTF line forming in the current incomplete bar but you have to wait until the bar completes.

Once I get a signal, I use a Joe Ross technique to enter called a Trader's Trick Entry (TTE). ( see https://tradingeducators.com/free-ebook-traders-trick-entry )

To enter, I like to use a BUY STOP to go long or a SELL STOP to go short. This also gives subscribers time to enter the trade as a BUY STOP will be above the current market price and a SELL STOP will be below. We want to market to have some movement in our predicted direction before entering a trade.

The results have been good

It's still early days but four wins in a row and no losses. Target profit is between 6 and 20 pips. Using 3 6BZ0 contracts each 15 pips (roughly) is a +1% yield for each $25,000 unit.


In the four days of trading, +$1,028 in profits (after commissions) which is a +4.11% return in the account in eight calendar days. Today's trade was in the market for 42-minutes.

I don't hold positions over night or on the weekends. We are in cash nearly all of the time. Trade durations are anywhere from 30-minutes to a few hours. The average seems to be about 60-90 minutes.

After I got the Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 version running on my laptop, the software has been extremely stable. So much so, that I started live streaming ExperCharts/NetPips software to the subscribers.

I started at 7:30am Eastern but the last few days have started the stream at 2am Eastern so people in Europe and Asia can follow the London session if they want to.

I'm also publishing the recordings so subscribers can playback the recordings at warp speed with VLC media player and learn how the software behaves at turning points and in congestion.

Daniel is porting the new routines to the End-of-Day version and should have that to me in the week or so. I am starting up the EOD trades again and am splitting the service off into two pieces:
  • Intraday
  • End of day
The intraday version currently only trades the GBP but Daniel has ported the EUR to it. The EOD will monitor GBP, EUR, CHF and AUD.

Subscribers to the service who are subscribers before we add five more subscribers will get both services for the current price. I expect I'll be raising the Intraday price at some point when the results justify it.

The old information page (which needs to be updated) is at https://aeromir.com/expersignal

If you want to lock in your place as a charter subscriber and get both services for the current price, go directly to the order page at https://3141.thrivecart.com/expersignal/

PS: I am offering affiliate commissions of 30% If you'd like to help promote ExperSignal and earn some recurring income, sign up as an affiliate at https://3141.thrivecart.com/expersignal/partner/
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