ExperSignal Update


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The ExperCharts software I use to generate trading signals for ExperSignal is now in BETA. It is very stable and has been upgraded to use Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 libraries.

This intraday program (the M10 executable) has 861,000 lines of code in the UI modules, 12,525 lines in the database engine and 185,100 lines in the M10 exe,

Here's a current screen shot:


The software is working very well. I am live streaming it during the London session and the U.S. market opening hours when the GBPUSD moves the most. Subscribers can watch the software in real time via a zoom meeting.

After three trades in the first two weeks using this version of the software, each $25,000 unit is +3.0%. Trades generally last from a few minutes to a few hours the the majority about an hour. We are flat most of the time.

Daniel will be adding the EURUSD to the intraday version as soon as we get five more subscribers (he's giving us motivation). He is finishing moving the new functions in the M10 version to the end-of-day version. This will take a week or two at the most.

We will resume trading EOD signals then, possibly using options strategies.

A version with SPX and/or ES is planned after that.

Current subscribers (and the next five subscribers) will get all versions of ExperSignal for $150/month. Future subscribers will have to pay for each service separately or a discounted combination price that will be higher than $150/month.

To learn more about ExperSignal visit https://aeromir.com/expersignal or sign up directly at https://3141.thrivecart.com/expersignal/


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Daniel said he's coded the EUR for the intraday (M10) version but wants me to find five more subscribers before he releases it. Nothing like some motivation :)

The EOD version will likely be finalized in a week or two maximum. Daniel is writing a database repair exe at the moment which has higher priority.