First Trade with Intraday Day ExperCharts (M10)


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I presented an update to ExperSignal on the Round Table yesterday. I showed the new intraday version (10-minute charts or M10 version). This will give me the opportunity to have significantly more trades than the end-of-day (EOD) version I have been using until recently.

This morning was the first trade for the service using the new software. The trade went slightly against me for 13-pips but then quickly recovered and then some.

Here's the trade entry:
See full version here

The entry was long GBP futures (three 6BU0 contracts) @1.32000

After the spike higher, we had +25 pips of profit. I initially put a 15-pip trailing stop on but when the market seemed like it was topping (the FLT indicator was starting to head lower), I thought I should take the profit I had an close the position. I trade several accounts but the official account I use to track the class performance exited at 1.32255 or +25.5 pips of profit. A few of the accounts had better exits as they were the filled at the end of the list but the market was continue to climb. The best one was a 1.3245 exit.

I did think about just keeping the trail but I wanted to lock in a good return for the subscribers. I was thinking tomorrow is the last trading day of August but in fact that's on Monday. If I had left the trail in place, the exit price would have been 1.3265.

Here's the closing trade:
See the full version

Overall the class is now +1.81% for August. I'm hoping to have two more trades before the close on Monday.

If you haven't see the Round Table meeting, please watch this:

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