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Apology to GTool subscribers. The last couple days of GTool reports was "frozen" at using Tuesday's closing prices, which is clearly documented in each report.
Every report I ever generate will display the date and time of the DATA that report is generated from. This is to insure no one ever uses stale data without their knowledge. Please always verify the date and time of the report before using, and if there is issue, notify me.
Here is line from an errant Risk Reversal report from yesterday:

Note two issues: (1) Date is wrong
(2) Time is last data sample of the day!

The report was generated on the "Report created date, but referenced the data documented within the report".
An unused feature of the reports is that they may be run against any point in history, so for those cases a difference is intentional.

The GTool reports should be fine now, but there are a number of technical issues that can result in this symptom, that it is wise to be aware of.


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Please ignore the GTool reports for Road Trip entries and risk reversals until I report back. Microsoft (Excel) has bitten again!

Status update:
Reverted to an older version of Excel that does not require 2 men and a boy to keep the darn thing working! --
Re-ran the GTool reports. Ignore the first set of reports which show yesterday's date as referenced in prior post on June 18th!

GTool reports working again!
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