How to set forum option - "ignore".


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Hi Tom,
in 'Preferences' I see option to ignore some posts / members, but I can not find a way to turn it on.
How do do it?


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I think the way you do it is you click on the member name and there is an Ignor link there so I assume once you click on it would show up in preference as one of the mebers that is on the Ignore list


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Thanks. Now, I see that button on your profile and other members, but not where I need it.

I tried to filter out Night Owl posts. I'm not subscriber and I keep getting plenty of subscription correspondence. Must be some bug.
Not that I don't like Night Owl or anything like that. Just I'm not a subscriber and don't intent to become one. This is not for me.
Not a big deal. Not very important.

On other hand I wont mind getting 'leaks' from few other services ;)


I think you can't "ignore" someone if has "staff" status......make sense! After all Tom has to make some profit from marketing for all the effort is putting into it! Tom Thanks Again!