On the most recent trading group meeting Tomas suggested HSPX as an etf that is doing the covered call on the spx
I did a little searching and I found that there is a similar strategy on RUT with the symbol RYLD
It's a recent etf that just started in April of this year It seems to have almost double the yield with about half the price of the HSPX
I was wondering if that may be a better deal than the HSPX

One thing I found somewhat confusing is for the HSPX they have the monthly yield as 1.15% but the 12 month yield is about 5.9% so I am not sure how they figure that
When I look at the monthly payout it's in the same range HSPX about 0.23 cents and RYLD about 0.20 cents average
So I would say the RYLD would be a better deal to park some of my excess cash that I am not using for trading
Is there any catch that I am not seeing ?