International fund transfers


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This is a plug for I've been a customer for many years and wanted to let people know about it in case you ever need to send/receive cross border funds.

I lived in Europe for about 15-years and used to have a few banks there. We closed the bank accounts when we moved back to the United States. However, we still occasionally need to transfer money in Euros.

Sending money was always easy with (now but receiving it was more difficult. PayPal has pretty high fees so we were looking to open a bank account in Belgium during our last trip. It's pretty hard to do if you don't live in Belgium.

Fortunately, had a new solution.

Send money to your in Euros via THEIR bank in Europe!

This completely solved our problem. Now we can send AND receive Euros and transfer it back to our U.S. bank in US Dollars. The exchange rate is really great and the fees are low.

We have a few friends who also need to send/receive Euros who live in the U.S. and I thought there may be others. If you need to send/receive foreign currencies, I can't recommend highly enough. I've used their services for years and it's fantastic.
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