New End-Of-Day ExperCharts being released on Monday


Staff member
Daniel said he's releasing the End-Of-Day version on Monday. This version has the updated code with the new routines used in the M10 (intraday) version.

I'm going to start trading the EOD version with the larger accounts I trade. 50% EOD and 50% M10 and we'll see which one performs better over time. EOD should have more trades but EOD will have larger moves (and less work).

Daniel just arranging to get real time futures quotes and is working on the futures version of ExperCharts now. We will start with the ES contract. When we have more subscribers, we'll be adding more symbols as we have additional exchange fees to pay for things like CL.

Daniel did mention that since he doesn't have to deal with tick data, the port to the futures version should be pretty fast.