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I finally bought a headset for the first time since I started flying in 1979. When I started as a college student, I just used the headsets the FBO had with the airplane rental. Later, I used what the Air Force gave me. It would be difficult to use my Air Force helmet in a Cessna 172 lol

After researching headsets, I settled on a David Clark ONE-X. I liked the idea of ANR to protect my hearing and it was $200 cheaper than a Bose A20. The headset came the other day and WOW. It is so comfortable. I can understand the comments I read that after using if on a 4H flight, people forget they are weating it. I'm flying next week to update my night currency and will get to use the headset to see how the sound is. I can already test the ANR and it does a really good job on the ground. I'll probably order a second one next month for Gaby.

I use an iPad with Foreflight and Xavion. I needed a portable ADS-B In receiver with a GPS and AHRS to provide heading and attitude information to the apps for synthetic vision. The flight instructor I flew with on Thursday for my checkout ride had an iLevel 3 SW but the Stratus 3 works with both of the apps I use and is considerably cheaper than the iLevil. So I ordered a Stratus 3 from Sporty's (with external antennae) and a yoke mount from MyGoFlight. A bit of an investment up front but should be worth it in the long run.

I'm planning to get checked out in the club's Cessna 182RG in two weeks. Those seem to be pretty intense cross country machines.
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Hi Tom..

I think you'll enjoy the Cessna 182RG very much. Flew a 1978 model for 15+ years. Solid performance and a stable instrument platform. For the last 10 years, have been flying a 1979 Cessna T182RG. Little better performance at altitude. Built in O2 system. Good for getting over the central Sierras in Northern California, where I live. Fly safe!

Wow.. that's crazy. Floppy disks haven't died quite yet! The Air Force missile command and control system is a 1970 era system that was recently (Oct 2019) upgraded to finally eliminate the 8-inch floppy disks. It took a while!
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