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Night Owl

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With the attainment of faded Profit Target C at 1.14935 following the elected Night Owl™ long Mar 6E entry at 1.14500, the long 6E price array posted by me for this 12/24/2018 session no longer is active. Night Owl™ will take no more entries from that array during this session.

Night Owl™ traders should cancel any working orders in Mar 6E and remain flat until my next posting, unless you're trailing your open position with a trailing stop order. Target D is at 1.15120; Target E is at 1.15290; Target F is at 1.15460; Target G is at 1.15630.

Congratulations to all who have traded profitably the Night Owl™ long side price array in Mar 6E during this 12/24/2018 session!

All attendees to the Night Owl™ Price Arrays Round Table Discussion on December 26 will receive one free month added to their quarterly subscriptions, if they will enroll in the Aeromir Night Owl™ Advisory Service or renew their existing subscriptions by the close of American futures markets at 5:00 p.m. EST, Friday, December 28. Monthly subscribers who attend that December 26 Round Table Discussion will receive one free week added to their subscriptions, if they will enroll or renew by 5:00 p.m. EST, Friday, December 28.

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Mark Ansel
Night Owl™ Developer