Night Owl™ Euro Currency Profit Attainment - 8/21 Session

Night Owl™

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For the benefit of new Night Owl™ subscribers, the following explains how Dynamic Targeting works by using the Thursday evening recommended Euro Currency post. Please note that by Night Owl™ rule, Delivery Price always occurs at faded Target C:


With the attainment of faded Delivery Profit Target C at 1.18440 following the elected Night Owl™ short Sep 6E price array line at 1.18860, the short 6E price array posted by me for this 8/21/2020 session no longer is active. Night Owl™ will take no more limit entries from that array during this session.

Unfaded @ Line election – 1.18700 at 18:09 -> Delivery Price at 1.18270 faded Target C;

Faded secondary line election – 1.18730 at 19:08 -> Delivery Price at 1.18340 faded Target C;

Faded @ Line election – 1.18800 at 20:04 -> Delivery Price at 1.18390 faded Target C;

Faded secondary line election – 1.18860 at 1:18 -> Delivery Price at 1.18440 faded Target C;

Faded Delivery Price attainment – 1.18440 at 3:32.

As I have encouraged previously, you also might consider adding to your position at the ~ Line as part of your nightly trading routine and then trail a stop on those extra contracts. If you’ve considered doing this, I suggest adding about 1/3 of whatever your normal entry lottage is.

Also consider taking an entry at the stop-loss line or the line in front of the stop-loss line. Doing so will improve your average entry price and increase your reward-to-risk ratio.

Night Owl™ traders should cancel any working array line limit orders in Sep 6E, E7, and M6E and remain flat until my next posting, unless you're trailing your open position with a trailing stop order.

With kind regards,
For Markusha Oil & Trading Company, LLC

Mark Ansel
Developer of the Night Owl™ Trading Model

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