Night Owl™ now has auto-trading


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Night Owl™ can now be auto-traded at Striker Securities!

You'll need a current Night Owl™ subscription at Aeromir to enable auto-trading at Striker Securities.

One subscription covers one symbol for three futures contracts and requires a $25,000 account.
If you'd like to trade both Crude Oil (CL) and Euro (6E) futures contracts, you'll need a $50,000 account.

If you'd like a bigger account, you'll need one subscription for each 3-contracts you want to trade.

For example, a $150,000 account to trade Night Owl™ with both symbols would use 9-contracts and require three subscriptions.

To get started, contact:

Dan Neenan
Striker Securities, Inc. of Chicago
(312) 987-0043

When your account at Striker is setup, please subscribe to the Night Owl™ trade alerts.
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