OnDemand margin messed up


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I have not used OnDemand in a long time since it's so slow but I just wanted to do a quick setup to check something so I was looking at a bwb and it looks like the margin calculation is wrong or at least it's not factoring in the debit side of the trade
I was looking at a 25 wide fly and than just moved the lower leg one strike lower and the margin went from no margin to 3000 because the credit side is 30 wide

The calculation is correct on the live trade but in OnDemand is wrong

I just hope this is just a glitch in OnDemand and not a sign of things to come as a lot of brokerages are doing it the wrong way which will severely limit the BWB trading


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I've noticed this as well in real-time on the Analyze tab. The Margin shown is not correct, or maybe correct for them but not the way I'd expect. When I'm putting in the order, it shows differently on the "Are you sure", I mean order review dialogue before I hit "Yes, please send my order"

I mostly track all of my trades in ONE, but when I'm trading in ToS, I will send my trade executions to the Analyze tab and do some comparison tracking there. I've noticed the margins are always different, or in my view, incorrect. Does the OnDemand margin look like the margin in the Analyze in real-time?


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I can't say I noticed any problems with the margin in real time and I don't check to see if the margin is correct before I submit the order because the margin shown in the simulation is the same after the order is filled

With OnDemand if you place let's say a 1 lot 10 wide put credit spread that would have a margin of $1000 which is correct but than if you add a 5 wide put debit spread you would expect the margin to be $500 which is what the expiration line shows plus the difference between the PCS and PDS but if you look at the BP effect it still shows -$1000 as if the PDS is not there
I can add 10 PDS so there is no loss on the downside and the BP effect is still -$1000
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