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Hello. i currently use tastyworks and the graph there just doesn't cut it....if i purchase a 3 month trial for 150 GBP, will i just pay the balance of 350 GBP when i subscribe to the first full year.. or how does it work? thanks


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Hi Olufemi,

You can use the Aeromir group discount at https://aeromir.com/one

The 3 Month trial is $127.50 GBP instead of $150 GBP

I don't know if you can change your billing cycle and keep the discount after you start the trial. I'll email Andy's team and ask them.


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Hello Tom,
How can I subscribe to the software after the trial period at a discounted price of £ 425? I can't select this on the ONE website.
My trial period expires on September 13th
Attila Juhasz


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I used this link, but it only allows me to subscribe to the trial version on the ONE website
My trial version expires today, I want to subscribe to the annual subscription with the aeromir discount, but it is not possible via the link


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I am not exactly sure how the trial works with the subscription works since I have not subscribed
You can send them an email and ask them how to apply for that discount if it's not done automatically after the trial expires
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