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Has anybody here migrated from ONE to OptionVue recently? Is OptionVue better than ONE? Is OptionVue worth the extra +/- 500$? My version of ONE is having issues with more postions and often fails to load and/or then crashes. Bit frustrating. Thank you!


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Hi Guy,

Brian at OptionVue can probably give you a trial to test it. I'd ask him. I've been using OptionVue since 2006 and have found it pretty stable. OV does have a few little glitches but overall I'm happy with it.


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Thank you Tom. Too boot, last night I did the alchemy trial trade…(Let’s see!) and certain spx Strikes for 21 July were actually missing or rather unable to be inputted in ONE!! Of course one of which was needed. Disaster. Wishing you a very swift recover. Best, Guy


I have been using ONE for a year, and fairly happy with it. It does struggle with projecting the right theta decay values for calendar spreads, but that is a limitation of all softwares due to the difference in implied volatility between the long and short option. Otherwise I find it very useful.

I know there was a big exodus away from optionvue last year, after the software changed ownership and management. From what i am led to believe based on reports in other forums, there was difficulty in predicting behaviours of put butterflies, it may have been fixed now.

@tom : which of the options of optionvue do you recommend for retail investors since they have several choices ?

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Hello All - I have been playing with a tool that could largely replace OptionVue in my world and I was able to negotiate a 30-day FREE trial (no CC or payment info needed) and I did a brief video showing the software as well.


YOU get a 30-day free trial AND get to skip the wait list with this link: https://app.optiontradersassistant.com/ota/register/P-4-E3E-3J7

Here is a Video I put together to briefly show the product as well - https://www.loom.com/share/d18e5b1775db49f2b7baaf6259df59af

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