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Adrian sent me a warning he got from Microsoft Edge today (thanks Adrian!):


I'll write some code to detect logins with your account with different IP addresses, but I HIGHLY suggest changing your password. The Forums are a separate server with a separate password. You'll need to change it in both places.

I highly suggest that you use a password manager.

I personally use 1Password which will generate crazy looking password that are impossible to remember. There are several password managers you can get. Here is a short list of a few:

I moved the DNS hosting to a few days ago after I noticed the server had some pretty heavy loads, likely from hackers. CloudFlare is used by hacker websites to protect THEIR sites from other hackers. I hope we don't have any more incidents like this.
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I've had a few people having problems changing their password. I just completely re-wrote the process and it seems pretty robust in my testing. On the dropdown where your name is on the right side of the member's web site menu, you'll see this:


The "Change my password" links to You have to be logged in to access that page (so I know who you are)

Please give it a try and let me know if you have any problems.