python gui programming

jim leahy

i started learning python last year and as a script language it's pretty powerful, but i'm
used to gui programming in java. i looked at tkinter and it is ok but very tedious. are there other
python programmers in this forum? what gui packages are you using? i need a gui editor like
what's available in java and android.


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I haven't seen any ... but I imagine there might be there. I believe there are application interface building tools that you can reference in the python code, sort of like HTML elements when building a web page.


Unfortunately I cant answer with experience as I've never found time to deep dive in into this topic.
I suppose you did your search and I dont have to mention QT and others with all pros and cons.
In on my radar are two position for future investigation: Dash and Justpy.
For now Im fine with widgets and Plotly in Jupyter - they provide sufficient level of interaction for my needs.
Good luck.
I'll be happy to hear about your findings.


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I am unaware of any, but am new to Python myself. However I do believe there is a great deal of interest for this.
If you discover something you think has "legs", please post to give others a heads-up!

BTW: If you have and like java for GUI, is there not a way to have your cake and eat it too? by allowing your Py to control/interact with java?
Have you looked at gnuplot? -- It has some decent graphing which I drive from Perl. I have not tried it with Python yet.

jim leahy

thanks for the inputs, guys.
QT looks interesting but it seems like a very steep learning curve for my purposes.
also, i have a lot of reservations about cross-platform development. dash is more for web development and
i already invested a lot of time on a different web development approach. as primitive as it is, tkinter seems
usable for simple gui python applications. the others that work similarly, kivy and wxpython aren't any better,
in my opinion. i'm not planning on a lot of gui python development. it has its uses, and i may change my mind
on that, but i'll likely focus on tkinter for the time being.

gary, yes, i use gnuplot for the surface plots in my options tools. it's very easy to use. as far as using it with python,
matplotlib has very good graphing capabilities so i don't use gnuplot with python.

integrating python with java has possibilities. python has a lot of good statistical packages i couldn't find
in java. also i'm looking into integrating python with javascript for server-side development. i currently use


Jim, I have similar reservations about available GUI. As you I was leaning toward tkinter but eventually decided not to spend time on it. Justpy also looks interesting. Of course one has to make his own decision based on needs. I code for myself, mostly for trading, so I'm kind ok messing with code.
Some day I would like to see what you are working on re trading. Just curious.

jim leahy

marcas, i posted a very early version of my python script in the pairs trading forum. i've added more
features and that version used msn for a data source, but they stopped providing data with that url
and i haven't been able to make the new url work for me. i've switched data providers in my new version.
my other programs don't use python.

if you're contemplating moving to the web, you should consider what you eventually want to do with
your programs. if you only want to do it for your own use then any web development method would
work. if you want to make it available publicly, you should consider whether that approach will be supported
on web hosts. i have web sites using google's free web hosting, and there are several other
companies that provide free web hosting. the restriction with these are you can't run server-side code.
if you need to run server-side you have to pay, or you can do your own (which is more difficult than it should
be thanks to threat protection).

jim leahy

alpaca is a trading api for algorithmic traders. i'm not running any algorithms. i'm just using
a python script statistical calculations for pairs trading. my main trading is options. i just thought
pairs trading was an interesting diversion.