Raleigh-Durham Meetup - Part 2

I liked this presentation by JL Lord who was the one who came up with the name of the BWB not the other guy who claimed that he was the one
Too bad he did not have more time It was just getting interesting when they ran out of time

I was just wondering what is the connection to randomwalk trading
I know he worked there but it seems like they are both sharing some of the trade names like Billy Baroo and a few other ones
Did they both agree to use the same name ?
I agree with you that it was a very interesting talk. He trades much closer to expiration, it seems, and I am looking into that also as some studies I am doing show that it can have higher returns. Of course, gamma gets much higher but there are some ways of dealing with that.

I also thought his candid comments about how he differs from some others were quite interesting. I am going to look into his stuff some more and hopefully we can get him back at a later date.

More by coincidence than anything else, we are also lining up a talk by Ed Toulauskas of Random Walk Trading. It will be up to Tom, as always, whether we can relay it here. I know Tom has had him on in the past.

As to Scott Ruble/J.L. Lord and Ed Toulauskas having gone their separate ways, these things happen, as we all know, and for my part, I am not going to try to get into that.

We in the Raleigh-Durham group greatly appreciate Tom's allowing us to be part of Aeromir's online meetings and hope to continue that, subject at all times, of course to his approval.
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Hi Don, you seem to have a very vibrant group in Raleigh Durham. Do you guys accept non Raleigh members?
Thanks and absolutely we do. Any Aeromir or CD member is welcome to join and take part remotely (or just take part in meetings without joining our group and RSVP'ing, for that matter, if they prefer) . We will be involving remote members more during meetings.


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Hello Don,

Is there a link to this presentation. I did a quick search but only found the one from 2016. think thats the part-1. Is there another video somewhere?
Another nice presentation from Ed at Randomwalktrading Scott's former partner
Too bad you can't get those results all the time
Looks like that was almost an ideal situation where the price stayed in the tent and all you had to do is just keep doing RH and take profits The margin was 3 times higher than the calculation at the end after taking all the profits but still a nice profit

One thing I am not sure I understand is why was the cal BWB added after the market went down
It did not help to pay for the debit of the put BWB's it actually added another $500 to it That didn't seem like it was necessary