Rhino trade over the crash


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Here is a rhino trade example that was done over the recent crash in case anyone is still trading it or is interested in the Rhino
This is just a simulation so who knows how it would have worked out in reality Also keep in mind that the trade does not include slippage and commissions
I just wanted to post it here because I heard about the Rhino here first so it sounded familiar although I never traded the Rhino myself
It gives credit to Brian Larson who was the originator of the Rhino and also has a link to the video that he did on Capital Discussions


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Brian started the Rhino with Capital Discussions and later took a job and didn't have time to continue the trade alert service. He ended up recording a course with SMB and Bruno Voisin took over the Rhino as a trade alert service at Capital Discussions, then later Aeromir.

Bruno has since taken a job as a quant in Barcelona, Spain and had no time to continue the trade alert service.

Here's the original Rhino presentation that I hosted with Brian Larson presenting:

Bruno presenting his "Baby Rhino"

Another Rhino presentation that Bruno made in Jan 2018

Another presentation from Bruno on Aug 1, 2018

Part 1
Part 2

Bruno and Mike Schwartz presented the Rhino on Jun 5, 2019

NOTE: Mike ended up not doing anything with the Rhino after this presentation
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