RVB 40 Day Unicorn

Chuck Moore

New member
HI Rick,
I know you've said you're not an email guy but I thought I'd let you know that I've enjoyed your presentations and thank you for sharing. I've been trying a few 11 day Unicorns on my own and I tried a couple of 30 day versions (without the Risk Reversal). With the big downside moves lately, defending the 30 day trades were a bit of a challenge. Although the Asymmetric Fly is way out of the money, you can't wait until the 1 SD hits the short strike before adjusting, I don't know if you have any experience with this situation and/or if you have any thoughts. The other observation I have is on the setup of the 40 Day trade with the Risk Reversal, it seems that is has the same vulnerability on a fast move down early in the trade.
If you don't want to reply in the forum, could you please keep these questions/observations in mind next time you present?