Schwab website is acting up this morning


Active member
I was trying to place a closing trade and when I click on preview the page says loading and just stays there and nothing happens
So I got on the chat and they said that they are working on the problem so I went back to the page and while it finally loaded it was saying that the symbol is invalid than I tried again a few minutes later and now it was saying that I don't have enough shares which was wrong because I can see the shares in my account

So I downloaded the Streetsmart Edge platform thinking maybe that is better than the website So when I look at my account with that I don't see the shares there So I went back to the website and I still saw the shares there but I suspected that the trade went through even though the shares were not removed from the account then I clicked on orders to see if it was filled and I just then I got that pop up window that showed that the trade was executed but I suspect it was done earlier and the website was just catching up

It seems like something always goes wrong at some website at the worst time when everyone panics and wants to get out at the same time
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