Second Trade with Intraday Day ExperCharts (M10)


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I presented an update to ExperSignal last week on the Round Table. I showed the new intraday version (10-minute charts or M10 version). This will give me the opportunity to have significantly more trades than the end-of-day (EOD) version I have been using until recently.

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I'm going to primarily trade on Tue, Wed and Thu. Trading will be from approximately 0700 Eastern for several hours depending on if I can find a trade or not.

I put the second trade on with the new software today. I also live streamed ExperCharts to the subscribers.

The trade only went about 4 pips against me briefly.

Here's how the trade was setup, entered and closed:


I entered long three GBP futures contracts (6BU0) at 1.3310

Three 6B contracts gives me about 10:1 leverage on a $25,000 unit.

After we had about +15 pips of profit, the software was starting to show signs that the market was leveling off. I briefly put a 10 pip trailing stop on and then when the Neural Candles and Thin Blue Line (TBL) crossed, that was enough for me to exit the position. We ended up with +15 pips of profit which was +1.06% return on the entire account.

Trade Messages Sent to ExperSignal Subscribers

GBP FUT SEP 20 = The September 2020 futures contract for the GBPUSD. This is the 6BU0 contract.
W.O. = Working Order

Video of the trade

Time line on Video
This is approximately where I decided to enter a long position. Prices were at 1.3313/1.3315 for the futures 6BU0 contract. I set the entry limit price of 1.3310. It was filled 8-minutes later.
2:03 The dotted line in the oscillator was crossing the neural candles. This is typically not a bad place to exit. I put a 10 pip trail soon after this happened.
2:15 The Neural Stairs (thin blue line or TBL) was starting to flatten. This is the neural nets trying to estimate where the market is going. I was debating whether to exit or put a trailing stop on here. I decided on a trailing stop of 10 pips.
2:23 The TBL/Neural Stairs changed to possibly continuing higher.
2:25 The TBL/Neural Stairs changed again to possibly forming a turning point. I decided to exit at 1.3325 if possible. This order was filled not too long after I put the order in.

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