SEP 6E NIGHT OWL™ SETUP @ 18:00 ET, 8/29/2021

Night Owl™

Aeromir Expert

Last price at 17:00: 1.17990; Settlement: 1.17980; Outside Gap Range <= 1.17940 or >= 1.18065; Opening price at 18:00: .

Unfaded stop-loss line: 3 lines behind @ line.

Setup delivery occurs at first Target C to elect:

Long Continual (Column E; 6-day RFD, 4-day DFD):

L 1.18140; A 1.18240, B 1.18410, C 1.18590, D 1.18750
L 1.18080; A 1.18190, B 1.18360, C 1.18530, D 1.18700
L 1.18030; A 1.18130, B 1.18310, C 1.18480, D 1.18650
L 1.17980; A 1.18070, B 1.18240, C 1.18410, D 1.18590
L 1.17910; A 1.18020, B 1.18190, C 1.18360, D 1.18530
L 1.17860; A 1.17970, B 1.18130, C 1.18310, D 1.18480

@L 1.17800; A 1.17900, B 1.18070, C 1.18240, D 1.18410
L 1.17730; A 1.17850, B 1.18020, C 1.18190, D 1.18360
L 1.17680; A 1.17790, B 1.17970, C 1.18130, D 1.18310

L 1.17640; A 1.17720, B 1.17900, C 1.18070, D 1.18240

L 1.17570; A 1.17670, B 1.17850, C 1.18020, D 1.18190
L 1.17510; A 1.17630, B 1.17790, C 1.17970, D 1.18130



If you are an aggressive trader, consider taking your entry at a line ABOVE the @ line. If you are a conservative trader, consider taking your entry at a line BELOW the @ line.

Note: Conservative traders are LESS likely to see fills on their entry orders. On the other hand, on those occasions when Night Owl™ has predicted expected market direction incorrectly, conservative traders should experience a SMALLER loss per contract.

Play as many lines as your account size will allow between the @ line and the stop-loss line. At a minimum, seek entries 2 lines in front of (above) the stop-loss line and at the stop-loss line.

Night Owl™ is not responsible if your entry order does not fill before market goes in the direction Night Owl™ has predicted. If failure to fill occurs too frequently for you, choose a higher line in the Price Array for your future entries than you presently use.

Night Owl™ trading setups are NOT late at the Aeromir site until after 19:30 ET, which is 30 minutes before the Hong Kong open. Before that time, please do not email Aeromir or me as to whether any setups will be posted on that same evening.

Night Owl™ will go flat NO LATER THAN 16:00 ET on 8/30/2021. Cancel all working orders NO LATER THAN 16:00 ET on 8/30/2021.

Night Owl™ is available now for auto-trading at Striker Securities of suburban Chicago. For more information, message me (Night Owl) on this Aeromir site. Or contact William Gallwas of Striker Securities directly on [email protected] or at +1-312-987-0043 for information about enrolling in Night Owl™ auto-trading. **

Night Owl™

Aeromir Expert
UPDATED SEP 6E NIGHT OWL™ SETUP @ 14:16 ET, 8/30/2021:

Night Owl™ traders should cancel all working orders in Sep 6E. Those who entered the recommended long side of Sep 6E in front of the @ line should exit the recommended long Sep 6E position at the market, last 1.18020.
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