Slides for pair trading


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There was some discussion on Scot's presentation about placing the slides with the video I don't see it there
Should I go to Stratagem and ask for them over there ?


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I tried to setup a simulated trade but it's way too complicated He makes it look so simple
I find it difficult to find a 10 wide SPX to have the same price as a 15 wide RUT and than try to actually fill that at that prices while the market is moving Not sure if it can even be done in one trade otherwise you have to fill the SPX first than by the time you get to the RUT the price changed and than the same thing when closing the trade


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Scot's presentation was impressive. The cost of the course was $749 with 1 Month POT Subscription and then the POT sub was $299 a month, is anyone a subscriber to the POT service?
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