SOAP V1.01


I released SOAP V1.00 a few days ago. However, after receiving interesting feedback, I have changed a couple of buttons or moved them around.
The Realtime information doesn't need to be always visible. It is now the 1st item in the Data menu.
It is important to select a Symbol and a Trade easily.
A T-Log button now replaces the previous Data Feed Type (Realtime etc.) buttonSOAP can also now use IB's Market Makers estimated pricing for the underlying (see Data Menu).
This is a very interesting feature for retail traders.
Market Makers usually quote volatility for a given strike and expiration, not price.
That said, volatility equates to price through Black & Scholes and price is an easier notion
to work with of course.- Other minor fixes including EU Rates.
- Compiled under "Any CPU" mode.
Specific 32 and 64 bit versions will be enabled shortly.
- Versioning is now consistent.
- ReadMe has been updated
As nobody ever looks at the ReadMe file, it will appear the first time SOAP is running.Reminder:
SOAP is special in many ways. It incorporates features that are not normally implemented in retail platforms.
Some of those are obvious though, such as automatic reconnection to the TWS, or keeping the API uptodate.
Another essential feature is the ability to prepare the trading day with premarket data if available (e.g. SPX or SPY)Particular attention has been brought to the best possible Black & Scholes modelling.
SOAP is NOT a black box. Advanced technical info is available on the SOAP YouTube channel.IB is not a data provider and countless days have been spent to circumvent discrepancies or erratic data reception.
SOAP should operate well in most circumstances.

SOAP V1.01 can be downloaded here: