SOAP V1.02


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May 18th RELEASE V1.02.1- There was a small error in position cost calculation, now fixed.
- A bug was recently introduced in some cases when requesting weekly chains, now fixed.
- Emphasis has also be put on simplifying user experience according to
several possible paths, for instance when the suer first wants to go through
Trade Management before calling up a Symbol and an existing Trade.
More will be done in this regard.
- Other minor issues have been fixed

Users are invited to register their copy of SOAP (see Login feature in top left SOAP menu)


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Hello Bruno,

are you still developing SOAP? I could not find a website or further information apart from your youtube channel.
I watched your presentation from 2019 ... and found it interesting.



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Bruno mentioned in TG1 last week that they are getting ready to release SOAP's big brother. I can ask him for more information.
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