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I was trying to link my wife's tdameritrade account with mine and I was getting stuck. I finally got someone from TD Ameritrade on the phone to help with this. Here's the procedure:

The account granting permission
Go to "Client Services" > My Profile (Link Accounts) page

Click the "Trading Authorization" link and then "Add trade authorization" green button

Answer the questions about the person you are granting trading authorization to:
You will need their:
Full name
Phone number
Date of birth
Social Security Number
Full address
Employment information

When you are ready to submit the form, get in touch with the person who is accepting your request as they need to reply "OK" to an SMS TD Ameritrade will send to them within 30-minutes.


You now need to complete the Trade Authorization form.

Go to the top of the top and click on "Support" > "Ask Ted"

Type in "grantedaccess" and submit.

NOTE: Since I already filled this form out, I'm going getting to see it again. You may have to type in "grantaccess" in the Ask Ted form.

This should take to you the form to fill in to grant trading authorization. Fill it in and submit.

Assuming the person receiving trading permission replied "OK" to the SMS message TD Ameritrade sent to them, they will now see your account under the "My Profile" > "Access requests pending your review"


The trader should now see your request and can accept it.

Now the two accounts are linked.

Close the thinkorswim application and login again and you'll now see the linked account.
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